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Look How Men Are In Bed According To Your Zodiac Sign

There will be many unbelievers who think that astrology is pure invention, but so many coincidences can not be completely wrong.
If you are one of those people who do not leave your house without reading your horoscope, if you are investigating about the stars and consult your future love with the tarot cards, you have certainly found the right note.

So pay attention, because we are going to reveal what the stars say about the personality of each sign in the bed, and you can identify if what you describe of your own sign or of a couple with whom you have had a passion is true. loving encounter.

Benefits of a quickie. You’ll have the ass you always wanted

The “quickie” or as the Americans know it, throwing yourself a “Quickie” is a very common and interesting practice. Do you know why men love him so much? For one simple reason: they like to come fast. Also, the explosiveness of the moment makes them very horny.

Maybe you are not very much in favor of doing so, but you are losing thousands of benefits. Probably “five minutes of rapidin” do not always satisfy you at all times, but believe me that a good binge of wildly overflowed passion reverberates -among other things- in your butt … you will be the envy of all. Here its most outstanding benefits:

1.- Goodbye to stress

As any place is an option, you can do it at all hours of the day and the secret is that they lack time. You listened well !, be in a hurry, it generates that the excitement goes up in a huge way and in three minutes you can reach glory. In turn, you will release endorphins and you will feel like new, very relaxed.
2.- You feel full of energy
It’s like when you want some good tacos of carne asada but another day you feel like a salad with green tea. With a rapidín and conventional sex the same thing happens, however, in either of the two releases dopamine, the so-called “hormone of happiness” … You know, you must experience new things and that will fill you with life.

10+ People That Will Make You Want To Puke

10+ People That Will Make You Want To Puke

Swiss Mother Arrested For Sexually Abusing Daughter For Her ‘Online Slave Master’

A truly horrific mother has been thrown in jail for sexually abusing her five-year-old daughter. Tragically the monster was only given 4 years in prison. She did this despicable act after signing a contract to become a sex slave for her ‘online master’.

These Gorgeous Celebs With Amazing Assets Refuse To Wear Bras

Trends are being set all the damn time by celebs. And for the most part, these trends should be started by everyday, normal people like us. Well, that isn’t always the case. And more times than not, this isn’t the case at all.

Eating These 8 Super-foods Help You Last Longer In Bed!

Not only is s3x enjoyable but it has incredible benefits that can keep us healthier; a lower heart attack risk, boosting our immunity, improving women’s bladder control, and better sleep patterns just to name a few. Sometimes though, our libidos need a little boost to keep us from falling asleep the moment we hit the sheets.

This British backpacker traveled through America she slept with several men and Recorded their Climax

Lucy Barlows is a young 22-year-old British backpacker who decided to travel all over America from Argentina to Canada. This young tourist is famous in her city for her fight against freedom and the legalization of marijuana. In a controversial experiment in which she tried to challenge the Catholic Church and the conservatives of her country, Laura traveled to several countries where she simply tended her tent and had sexual relations with a native of each South American country.

13 Pictures That Prove Being Tall Can Be Extremely Painful

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15 Things Women Do on the First Date That Drive Men Crazy

oing on a first date is both interesting and a slight nerve-wracking mainly if you want to make sure it turns out to be an enjoyable experience. Both the partners are mindful of how they carry themselves and how best to connect and if they hit it off then how best to secure a second date.
One wants to avoid notable turn-offs like having bad breath or holding up the other person for long. Yet, there are other things which may slip past women on their first date which may end up making a man go round the twist.

Withdrawing the following things are advised to make an attractive first impression and keeping alive the likelihood of seeing each other again.A woman may not notice it at all, but the date would be an absolute disaster for men who would just want it to finish then.
1. Bringing the topic of marriage in conversation
Talking about long-term relationship and commitment is bound to scare most men away, and marriage surely fits the bill well. Because you both are going on your first date and only want to enjoy each other’s company.
It just makes a woman seem to take things too fast in a relationship which is never comfortable with men. Most of the men dating would naturally be afraid of that kind of commitment which is quite realistic; well avoid this topic altogether if you want to see them again.

2. Bore them with your work detail
For the first time, you both are meeting face to face and have never met each other before. We are much sure that besides your nine to five grueling routine you must have other exciting things to talk about.
Unless your occupation is attractive like a daredevil stuntwoman, nobody is interested in those annoying details. Or perhaps you are a good narrator and you have a knack for keeping the other person engaged while you talk just about anything. Apparently while you introduce yourself, you will mention your job but follow it to the least.
Instead, your date wants to know you more as a person and does not want to listen to all the gossip in the office.

3. Avoid excessive use of cellphone while out together
It is a no-brainer that you both want some quality face to face time but if you are dedicating that time to your small screen as well makes you look disinterested. In this day and age although we can not evade the use of electronics at least reduce it while you are on a date with your partner.
The other person may end up feeling ignored and rightly so. Men also enjoy the attention.

4. Not sharing the bill with him
While you have some good time together, few men are not mainly agreeing with the idea of supporting all the expenses. Politely offer to split the bill or at least pay the tip.It is no longer a question of male chauvinism, and such concepts are fast becoming old fashioned. You are expected to pitch in as primarily it is your first date.

9 mexicanas hermosas que salieron del Closet

México siempre se ha caracterizado por ser un país conservador y de cierta manera lo sigue siendo hasta la fecha aunque claro, cada vez menos. Ser gay sigue siendo un tema complicado y mucho más para las chicas.

Aún así, existen mujeres que han dado paso a vivir su libremente y han decidido, ya sea con palabras o acciones gritar a los cuatro vientos su ¿Será que estamos más cerca de conseguir que México sea un país completamente tolerante y respetuoso ante este tema? ¡Bravo por esas hermosas y valientes mujeres mexicanas!

9- Yolanda Andrade

A esta conductora siempre se le ha vinculado con otras mujeres del medio del espectáculo, por ejemplo Verónica Castro, Monserrat Olivier y recientemente con la sinaloense Melissa Galindo, ex participante de “La Voz México.” Aunque Yolanda nunca lo ha confirmado, tampoco lo ha negado del todo y en algunas entrevistas hasta lo ha dado por hecho con risas y silencios incómodos.

8- Kenia Gascón

La actriz Kenia Gascón decidió poner fin a las habladurías de la gente en el 2010 sobre sus preferencias y afirmó ser , dando a conocer a su pareja la arquitecta André Vincze. Ambas hacen una pareja increíble, no solo porque son mujeres muy guapas, sino porque además se les ve muy enamoradas.

7- Monserrat Olivier

Otra de las famosas orgullosas de su es Monserrat Olivier quien desde hace años ha tenido relaciones con chicas sin ocultarlo. Recientemente se ha rumorado que la conductora tiene una relación con la eslovaca Yaya Kosikova, quien es 20 años menor. Olivier subió unas fotos en las que aparecen bastante cariñosas.

6- Kate del Castillo

En los últimos años, la vida amorosa de Kate del Castillo ha dado mucho de qué hablar, a pesar de que ha estado con hombres y hasta se casó por algunos años con Aarón Díaz, los rumores de que es lesbiana siempre se han mantenido presentes. Kate nunca lo ha confirmado, incluso lo ha negado, pero ha hecho comentarios como “Si el amor me llega en el cuerpo de una mujer, no tendría problemas con ello.”

5- Ana Gabriel

La cantante mexicana ha roto el silencio y por fin ha confirmado que es gay. Según el portal de internet Sucedió en un concierto en Miami, al que acudieron una pareja de lesbianas a celebrar su aniversario. “La Diva de América” aprovechó el momento de la felicitación para hacer bromas y confirmar que, en efecto es también.

4- Verónica Castro

La “Big Sister” de México: Verónica Castro siempre lo ha mantenido oculto, sin embargo desde hace mucho tiempo se le ha relacionado con otras famosas. Ella misma declaró una vez “si se me prendiera el foco con una chica, lo viviría encantada” Algunas de las mujeres con las que se le ha vinculado son Ana Gabriel y Yolanda Andrade.

3- Daniela Romo

Daniela Romo es una cantante y actriz súper famosa en México y Latinoamérica, sobre todo por su increíble hit “Yo no te pido la luna”. Siempre ha sido un secreto a voces su relación sentimental con la productora de TV Tina Galindo. Se le ha cuestionado cientos de veces y a pesar de que nunca lo ha confirmado, tampoco lo ha negado.

2- Ana Martín

La actriz Ana Martín es una de las figuras más importantes de México dentro del cine y las telenovelas y a pesar de que se ha mantenido siempre presente en la televisión, con su vida privada ha sido un tanto más discreta. Nunca se le ha conocido una pareja hombre y se le ve en eventos siempre acompañada por amigos gays. Entre las mujeres con las que se le ha relacionado podemos mencionar a Raquel Olmedo, la reconocida actriz y cantante que es lesbiana abiertamente.

1- Alejandra Ley

Alejandra Ley y Marlene Tobar formaron una de las parejas más estables de México ¡Duraron 14 años! Recientemente se separaron pero siguen siendo muy buenas amigas por el bienestar de sus dos hijos.

¿Cuál de estas famosas te ha sorprendido más? Déjanos tu respuesta en los comentarios

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