4 Signs Your Partner May Be Sleeping With Someone Else

4 Signs Your Partner May Be Sleeping With Someone Else

Did you know there are many telltale signs that someone may be cheating or is at least in the process of doing so? While some of these are often more obvious (such as smelling a new perfume in a shirt) other signs are much more subtle and require a close eye. Other times a sign could simply be a false alarm, but they still require further investigating nonetheless. For that reason, here are some of the sneakiest and most subtle signs that your partner is cheating and sleeping with someone else.

Sex is No Longer Exciting

Your partner was never ashamed to let it all out in bed, surprising you and exciting you every single night indoors. But if you have noticed a sudden decline in interest, you should heavily consider the possibility they may be getting lucky with someone else.

It’s Not Fun Being Around You Anymore

A lack of excitement may also extend beyond the bedroom. How was your partner in the past? How has he gradually changed? In many cases they will be less thrilled to spend time with you or won’t pay close attention to your conversations, for example. Keep an eye on their actions and analyze them carefully.

Long Delays in Communication

Was your partner readily available in the past? Do they seem to take longer to respond these days? If a partner hasn’t taken on a new activity, then it’s possible someone may be stealing his time and undivided attention. Delaying on occasion is fine, but if this becomes a glaring issue, rest assured that something’s wrong.

Your Partner is Always Late

This is perhaps the oldest telltale sign in the book: your partner is routinely late and there’s always a convenient excuse available. Working a late shift once in awhile shouldn’t raise any red flags, but what if it becomes the norm? What other excuses is your partner suddenly – and conveniently – throwing in between?

Look at Your Finances

Speaking of late work shifts, pay close attention to your overall finances if you guys live together. Someone may claim to be working extra hours, but they never have anything to show for it. This is especially true if you feel the bills have gotten tighter over time, as your partner may be spending the money elsewhere.

They Suddenly Carry a Second Phone

It’s not exactly common to carry two cellphones unless your job strictly requires it. Your partner may claim to have an extra phone for leisure (gaming or recreational activities) but it may also be used for something far more sinister. Is it password protected? Is it under another carrier? Ask yourself why a phone may be so mysterious if the reasons are supposedly so innocent.

They’re Way Too Open

In contrast, your partner may suddenly be too open about showing you the contents of his usual phone. Was he or she this relaxed before? Why would they suddenly open up and let you inspect away? Needless to say, they have a secret phone hidden away and thus, they are using the usual one as a decoy.

Your Partner is More Giving

It’s one thing if a partner gives you the occasional gift during a special occasion. If they are suddenly showering you with presents for no particular reason, however, this may be a telltale sign of guilt. Use this opportunity to watch them closely and uncover the truth behind this change in behavior.

There’s Suddenly a Special Friend

Everyone has a close friend, or even someone they consider family. But what if your partner’s “special friend” just popped out of nowhere without your prior knowledge? This could be a co-worker or someone from their past. And while this doesn’t always mean something is wrong, it is certainly reason for you to raise important questions.

Your Partner is More Forgetful

Your partner may gradually become more forgetful about many things, big and small, especially if they’re related to you. This could mean their attention is elsewhere; they may be too excited to care about you or are simply overwhelmed handling two people at the same time.

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